Sunday, May 22, 2011

Why him?

Okay, so. On Wednesday, I was eating lunch. And my friend was complaining about her lunch and just kinda joking around I said, "Well suck it up and eat it. My own brother is starving in Haiti." I didn't really think about what I said, and then. In the middle of Incline. I was sitting there. and it hit me. My brother is starving in Haiti. That little 3 year old boy doesn't deserve what he has. He doesn't get treatment for his parasites until we bring him home. I was very upset, and I often think about him, but never like that. I used to get angry at God, because I was upset that he would let my baby brother be in such a bad condition and not do anything about it. But I thought longer, and then I realized. My family is what is helping my brother.  Even though we can't get him yet, we are getting them out there eventually. Then he will be so blessed like I am and be happier than before. If thats even possible. He doesn't have to live a life in a barely functioning orphanage. He gets to be in America, and I guess that I always asked, "why him?"  But. He is getting the help he needs very soon. And I can't wait until we finally bring him home. :)

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