Friday, March 30, 2012

Why did I have to go to Haiti again?

Oh wow. Haven't blogged in a while. Sorry everyone! So recently I just got back from my trip to Haiti. and I will talk about the trip first and then my anger with the adoption process. So yay! So Friday night we flew to Newark, then to Haiti in the morning. Its kinda said that I have gotten used to the chaos in the Haiti airport. But anywho. We got there and they told us that Lorvens would be in the van. So of course I'm so excited to get in there. I open the door, and woah. No lorvens? Whatttt? We load into the van confused, and Jackson (our van driver) told us that he was already at the hotel. Well okay then. We get to the hotel lorvens. But after asking around we realize he is taking a nap in Angies room! So he wakes up very sleepy but still comes out to greet us. Oh how I missed him so much. He remembered all of us, and before you know it hes the smiley giggly kid we know and love. Of course he wants to go swimming! We get our suits on and man that kid is fearless! I remember when we first went, (over a year ago. Isn't that crazy?!) he didn't like the water at all. But look at him now! He is swimming by himself and jumping and diving in the water. Another fish to add to the family. Lorvens was in such a good mood all day, and it was such a fun day. On Sunday we were supposed to go to church, but due to security reasons, we couldn't go with the children and they couldn't even be in the same van with us so we chose not to go. That was such a fun day even with Lorvens not taking a nap! We all decorated Easter bags and had an Easter egg hunt. The hotel owner's granddaughter took a few eggs, but we didn't mind. All the kids had a great time and then were hyped up from all the sugar! Lorvens is having a blast, and likes to get rough with the boys. (Nick, Djedley who is almost 6, and Darrill who is 11). Before I know it the day comes to an end. Lorvens has no problem sleeping and threw no fits! yay! Mondayyyy. It was such another fun filled day! I loved this trip because there was no problems, and it was such an easy going trip. (well until the airport on the way home, but I'll get there). Monday was another day full of swimming and having fun. Then came Tuesday....oh boy tuesday. Having to say goodbye to Lorvens again is the hardest thing. Somehow he knew we were leaving, and kinda started to shut down and get whiny. But we still tried to have fun. Before  I knew it the van pulled up. He said his goodbyes, gave us kisses, and me and my dad were off. Sitting in the van and looking around at the filth and destruction he was living in tore me apart. My mind quickly snaps out of that when we arrive at the airport. Now I will try my best to explain what happened there, but I don't think anyone could understand the true horrors of it unless they were there. Okay so we usually fly American, but this time we flew united. And american has its own seperate part of the airport, and all the other airlines are thrown into another spot. So we get there, and enter a room with about 5 lines. But. Five squished lines and tons of people. People yelling and shoving. People cutting because they just don't care. It truly does scare you. And I was one of the only americans in that room But since my mom travels we got premier access. But. we finally get to the front of that line and they won't accept it and we have to go to the back of the regular line. Are you kidding me? we stomp our way back, and it gets really frustrating. The line moves so slowly, and the people have to open up and look through all your checked bags before they can be checked. then they throw them in the pile and once you get in the front of the line to point to the bag and they check it. So after  around two hours of waiting we finally get checked in. Then have to go to security. ugh. Everything was fine until they thought they saw something in my carry on. So of course right there they just open up my bag and start taking stuff out. Oh my. I feel violated. and then they pat you down. She clears my bag and we finally get to wait to board our flight. But not for long. We board and go up some stairs, but then there is another hand checked security. They went through our bags AGAIN. And then got patted down....again. And it took an hour and a half to board the plane. We call it "Haitian time" they move at their own pace. and a pace not fast enough for me. Especially when we have a flight to catch. We finally land and we have a tight connection. Plus we have to go through customs, get our bags and recheck them, and then go through security again. So we book it. we get through customs fast but waiting for our luggage took forever. like our flight was supposed to start boarding at 8:15 and it was past 8. We finally get it and run through immigration. We are running to recheck our bag and the lady tells us there is a delay. Praise the lord. we start to calm down a little until we are about to go through security.... and our flight isn't on the board. like its non existent. We are so confused and so is the security guy. We go through anyway and find our gate and everything is good. finally. Completley exhausted I slept through the whole flight. and then was finally home. But i was coming home. But was Lorvens? no. Still in that orphanage. Which frustrates me so much. we came out of IBESR in December, and were told 4 months after that Lorvens would be home. Its been he home? no. will he be home soon? no. there is absolutley no urgency in Haiti, and it crushes me. These poor kids need a loving family and a warm home. but the workers in Haiti don't see that. They think its to benefit the parents. But really we are doing this to help the children of Haiti. Plus haiti has a very high unemployment rate, and people who have jobs do them slowly because they think if they go fast they won't have a job anymore. Which causes a lot of problems. But most of the population is voo doo, so they go by what the "spirits" tell them, and if they get a bad vibe from something, such as an adoption paper, they won't do it. And its so upsetting. I just want Lorvens home. But the process is so long and seems never ending. I just want a kid from Lorvens orphanage home. Now. Because these kids are the bravest and strongest children I know. And deserve to be in America. I don't mean to bash Haiti in anyway it is just frustrating because we want these kids home, but no one seems to care. I met Lorvens one year ago. And I would've never imagine I would be in Haiti 4 times and he still wouldn't be home. I know life isn't fair, but I pray that God decides to bring him home. Its out of my control, and thats what kills me since I'm such a control freak :p I know that God has perfect timing...but come on God, can your perfect timing speed up a little? I hope the day that Lorvens steps foot in our house is soon, because he needs to come home. Home where he will be loved, cared for, and be happy. Come home soon Lorvens. We love you.