Tuesday, May 24, 2011

10 more days?

^Did that just say 10 more days? I think so. Thats right. Ten more days until I get to see my baby brother again. A lot of people are asking, "Do get you bring home your brother this time?" Well. The answer is sadly no. This is just called a bonding trip, and basically we just spend a few days with Lorvens doing whatever we want to do. It feels like forever ago since I've seen him. But its only been two months. But every night since I've been home from Haiti I sleep with Lorven's stuffed animal. Lame right? Well I don't care. Its a constant reminder that I have a little brother in Haiti that gets to be with us soon. Yes that stuffed animal has dried tears. From the nights of missing him. The nights wondering why he has to be in Haiti where he is suffering. The nightmares, seeing his face when he had to say goodbye and how sad he looked. But now, that stuffed  animal will be covered in tears of joy, knowing that I get to see my brother in ten days. Now, a lot of siblings can't stand eachother. They think they are annoying and want to get away from them. But I can't stand the time Lorvens and I are seperated. Its almost like you don't realize what you have until its taken away from you. And I can't wait to get what I've got stolen from me. I get more time with my 3 year old brother, Lorvens. :)

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