Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Pouring Rain

Okay. So. I was going to blog about this in my other post but I completely forgot! Anywho. One night in Haiti, it was thunderstorming. Terribly. And I started thinking about the people in tents. Who have no protection, a single thunderstorm destroys their "house". It truly is terrible. That we sit inside our beautiful houses watching rain poor down. But in Haiti, people are dying from it. We were complaining in Haiti because the power was constantly going out and things weren't working. But it was nothing compared to what the Haitian people were going through. I believe it was 40 people  that died from a mudslide that night. who knows how many tents were ruined. It just gives you an understanding of how blessed we are. We might not have everything we want, but at least we have everything we need.
 I know that was super short. But I wanted to say it.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Haiti-June 2011

Warning: This blog might be very long. But if you are reading this right now please don't stop. Okay. So. more people read this than I thought. And some people decide to show this to everyone at their work and print it out. (Cough Cough Lori). Hahaha. Just kiddingg. Anywho. Hello everyone. I'm going to talk about my trip to Haiti. Yayy. I might go off or say random things but thats because I'm going to write whatever is on my mind. So. Lets start at the beginning. I get off the plane at Haiti. And its chaos. Like normal. We spot Big. (The guy who helps us with luggage and stuff. You can't miss him.) He takes us to the van. and oh my. Lorvens is there. Say what? Yup. Angie is holding Lorvens and he is asleep. He wakes up and sees us. We were so excited. I couldn't believe I was with him again. Now we decided to test his memory and see if he remembered. So we said. Lorvens. Wheres your nose? And he immeditatley pointed right to his nose. We knew he remembered us. We got back and had a fun time. Lorvens was getting excited and in a better mood. But at dinner he got a little cranky. And we saw a side of Lorvens we have never seen before.  He threw food and whined and got mad. But eventually crashed and slept for 12 hours. The next day was good. Just hanging out and everything. He has his moments. Where he gets upset. And acts like a normal 3 year old. which he didn't do at all before. But it was okay. Sunday morning we went to Church. It was long and hot. After we went to the orphanage because a doctor was coming and Lorvens had to get checked out because he was sick. He was okay though. He just has an ear infection. But at the orphanage, seeing the other kids is hard. Seeing that they still don't have a family. Or how the only thing they want is love. You walk in there and right then hands go up and they beg you to hold them. It breaks your heart seeing them. The second you put them down they cry and cry and cry. But. We didn't spend to much time with other kids at the orphanage. Because Lorvens got very jealous when we did. He would actually start to have a meltdown and cry if we even touched another kid. So we spent most of our time with him. But life went on. And Lorvens came out of his shell even more. If that was possible. He LOVED getting a shower. I mean he shrieked and giggled and danced and sang the whole time in the shower. It didn't matter that the showerhead barley worked or the water was freezing. He still loved it. Now after the shower. Was his wild moments. He would literally scream and sing for an hour straight. That boy never took a breathe. But after he would settle down, he would get cranky. And scream. and cry. for about 2 hours. Until he cried and went to sleep. It was hard to hear him cry but it was just because he was in a new place and wasn't sure. But slowly the end was creeping up on us. And I was scared. And worried. And I felt so close to him I couldn't even think of leaving. But before I knew it, It was Tuesday. The day I had to say goodbye. He had to leave at 4. The nannies were coming in a van to get him and the rest of the kids. (Stanley, Sophna, Sophina, Celine, and Lourdina). Around 2 or so we woke him up from his nap. and oh man was he cranky. I mean terrible. He pinched, hit, screamed, whined, cried. The whole bit. He even spit and got so mad at us that he decided to pee on the floor. when he knew very well not to. I got upset by this, that the last hour to spend with him he was in a bad moood. How did we cheer him up? Throw him in the shower. It worked. He became that smiling kid everyone loves. And before I knew it, the nannies were walking up the steps. Oh boy. I instantly cried my eyes out. Not wanting to let go. The nannie took Lorvens from me. My baby. Sitiing in the van. And he understood what was going on. And he was sad too. Celine was crying her eyes out. Stanley threw a fit. It was so upsetting. So. I just left. I grabbed the key from my  mom and ran to the room. I layed on my bed with hot tears streaming down my cheeks. Picturing my little brother, knowing I have to wait 3 months to see him again. That he will be in an orphanage with not a lot of love or attention that he wants. I basically haven't stopped crying since that moment. I cried at night. I cried on the airplane. I'm crying right now in the middle of the Miami airport. Its just so hard. But right before we left Haiti, we were sitting on the airplane. And I heard a whistle. I listened more and realized it was the song, "Jesus Loves me." And I immeditiatly looked at my mom. Everyday we sang that song to Lorvens. He eventually started singing it. I was shocked. I tried finding who was singing it. but I couldn't. I looked everywhere. Eventually, I thought. Well. It has to be God telling me something. And I realized it was. God was telling me everything is going to be okay. He has my baby and its going to be okay. He will wrap him in his arms while I can't. And I can't wait until I can finally wrap myself around my little brother again. But for now, I just have to trust God and know that everything will be okay. And then my little brother will finally be coming home.