Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Pouring Rain

Okay. So. I was going to blog about this in my other post but I completely forgot! Anywho. One night in Haiti, it was thunderstorming. Terribly. And I started thinking about the people in tents. Who have no protection, a single thunderstorm destroys their "house". It truly is terrible. That we sit inside our beautiful houses watching rain poor down. But in Haiti, people are dying from it. We were complaining in Haiti because the power was constantly going out and things weren't working. But it was nothing compared to what the Haitian people were going through. I believe it was 40 people  that died from a mudslide that night. who knows how many tents were ruined. It just gives you an understanding of how blessed we are. We might not have everything we want, but at least we have everything we need.
 I know that was super short. But I wanted to say it.

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